Personal Branding
Design with impact in XD
Creating Graphics with lines and shapes in Illustrator
Personal Logos in Illustrator
Adobe Illustrator - Sticker Creation by University of Charleston
Adobe Premiere Pro - Making a Promo Video by Pace University 
Adobe Illustrator - Logo Creation with USC
Adobe Photoshop - Photography Workshop by Purdue University 
Fashion Design in Illustrator
Web Banners in Photoshop
AMA - Illustrator Basics (2020)
QA with Shawn Cheris, Director of Experience Design 
Intro to Adobe Portfolio
Beginners Guide to Adobe XD
Intro to Adobe XD
Intro to InDesign
Intro to Lightroom
Intro to Premiere Pro
Photoshop: Cut Out Images, Create Graphics & Type
Valentine's Day Cards in InDesign
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